bikepacking the Olympic Adventure Route

“Brandon thank you for creating, directing and assisting us with our Extreme Clean videos. I really appreciated your suggestions and professionalism when dealing with untrained actors and yet created a top notch professional video. We have received many great comments specifically regarding the quality and appearance of the videos. Rest assured that when we are ready to create another video, you will be the first to be called.”

“"Working with Brandon was a pleasure. He had great attention to detail and a willingness to work within a very narrow set of parameters. Communication was excellent, and we're very pleased with the finished product. I'd highly recommend Brandon for technical product shoots"”

“Brandon isn't just another 'photographer'. It isn't about getting a pretty photo that's been touched up. He has a rare skill compared to previous photographers I've worked with.

Most photographers think about lighting, composition, all that. Brandon also thinks about how each photo is going to grow your business. It's a different approach. With very different results.

Case in point, I was impressed with the unique ways he came up with to show off my products. It was really refreshing. Not to mention he”