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Has a creative advertising photo ever caught your attention, only for you to notice the helmet straps aren't adjusted properly or suddenly it becomes obvious that mud was put on with a paint brush? With authenticity carrying more value than megapixels, it pays to have someone behind the lens who has participated in the sport of cycling for nearly 20 years. Ranging in disciplines from road racing, xc, enduro and downhill, Brandon has been around to see the evolution of the sport and how each genre captures the hearts and souls of its followers.

About Brandon

Cyclist at heart and finance major by study. Brandon is driven by his passion for two-wheels and the desire to help your business grow. My clients value my unique experiences as much as they value my creative skills.

I've raced my way from a CAT 5 to a CAT 3 on the road. Lived in Belgium and raced at the elite without contract level. Coached technical mountain bike skills with Fluidride and co-founded their online school. I've ridden my mountain bike all over the PNW, Chamonix, Finale, Bentonville, Deer Valley, and in New England. I grew up in spandex hitting rock gardens on 26 inch hardtails, went from mushy cantilever brakes to 4 piston hydraulic monsters. Triple chainrings to one by drivetrains. I've wrenched at bike shops, worked retail sales floors, and feel forever grateful of the experiences cycling has given me.

I have two old blogs to read if you're interested. My first blog is all about his bike racing experience; Racing In Belgium or read about my 48 day solo motorcycle trip aboard his BMW GS Adventure; Adventure Touring.

Brandon is mostly based in Seattle, WA however his work can take him all over the United States. As a New York native he often splits time between the West and East Coast to help meet his client's demand for variety.

brandon first mountain bike race 26 inch mountain bike
Belgium bike racing photographer seattle
Belgium bike racing photographer
Belgium Radio bike racing photographer seattle
Belgium bike racing photographer seattle
century ride near winthrop washington
port angeles downhill mountain bike racing

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