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I am a Seattle based solopreneur specializing in photo and video projects.

My Story

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania with two younger sisters. My dad owned a hobby store that I worked at pretty much my whole childhood. I also had a small lawn mowing business that I ran with 3-5 consistent clients each week. After attending the Pennsylvania College of Technology to earn my Finance degree I moved to Boston to work for State Street Bank. Two years in and I knew I needed to make a change, so I went to work for a local bike, Landry's Bicycles. It was at the bike shop my soul was satisfied by the constant chatter of bikes and people excited to ride them.

Working the sales floor one day, a stranger (now friend) asked me to go on a bike ride in the White Mountains. If it wasn't for a friend gesture, I would never have had the opportunity to live in Belgium and race my road bike full time in the summer of 2009.

After Belgium I hung up my bike for awhile and moved home with my parents. I eventually moved back to Boston to try, yet again, working in finance. I finally earned a position with Wellington Management Company, but I never felt like I belonged there and eventually they reminded me of that when they let me go. Relieved of my duties and the stress of trying to fit in, I packed my BMW GS Adventure with the last of my belongings that had not been sold and put Boston in my rearview mirror.

I spent the next 48 days traveling all over the US. Camping and staying with strangers along the way. I was rejoiced to experience life from atop my motorcycle, with nothing but a map, some camping gear, and an open mind to move me along. I would eventually ride over 10,000 miles in rain, snow, and everything in between. I do remember sitting in traffic on I-5 near Seattle saying to myself "I could never live here."

After my motorcycle trip it was back home with my parents until I found an accounting position with a local construction company. I was back to riding my bike with the local club and this is how I ended up meeting my now wife, Erica. The day after we go married, guess where we moved? Seattle! I took a role with Outdoor Research and would be there for the next four years. I would later take a role with Sur la Table but despite my love for cooking and baking (my mom's a pastry chef) this turned out to be a bad decision.

It's been nearly a year now that I've been working as a photographer and videographer. I don't really think of myself as those things though. To me they are just tools to help achieve a business goal or capture a special moment (or both!). When my dad's hobby store closed I remember that feeling of being helpless. What if I could have helped build him a website, taken all the product photos, created video tutorials, and helped market the store? I'll never know if any of that would have helped but I like to think its a big part of what motivates me today.

My wife and I truly enjoy the Seattle area. We get out hiking, backpacking, skiing, and biking but we're more likely to be found walking our dog around Lincoln Park or running up and down California Ave with our black lab.

Speaking of dogs...

“Brandon has a rare skill compared to previous photographers I've worked with.

Most photographers think about lighting, composition, all that. Brandon takes the creative process one step further and thinks about how each photo is going to grow your business.

I was very impressed with the unique ways he came up with to show off my products. It was really refreshing. Not to mention he checks all the most important boxes: he's on-time, flexible, professional and has a great attitude.”

“"Working with Brandon was a pleasure. He had great attention to detail and a willingness to work within a very narrow set of parameters. Communication was excellent, and we're very pleased with the finished product. I'd highly recommend Brandon for technical product shoots"”

Let's Connect

Happy to spend up to 30 minutes brainstorming any ideas you have before we engage in a project.

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