COVID-19 Policy

Our Policy To Keep Us Safe

With the uncertainty around working during these unusual times Sisino Photography has implemented a COVID-19 policy for all photo shoots.

Best Practices Policy

  • practice social distancing at all times
  • wear mask and face coverings while on-set for the entire photo session, if client(s) or models cannot supply their own PPE please contact Brandon
  • models should wear proper PPE at all times except for exact times determined by the photographer
  • contactless payment methods
  • equipment is cleaned between sessions and never shared
  • emphasis on pre-production planning to reduce time on-set
  • signs reminding all who are present on set of social distancing
  • no communal stations or shared resources of any kind
  • extra care will be taken to coordinate photo shoots in a way that limits interactions
  • no car-pooling to or from the photoshoot
  • inside product photography will continue with care taken to clean/disinfect as appropriate
  • preference placed on outdoor photo shoots if possible
  • Sisino Photography is responsible for the health and safety of clients and models and if at anytime, anyone's safety is in question Sisino Photography retains the right to suspend the photoshoot until everyone's presumed safety is restored

Policy Changes

These are unusual times with constant change. As information on the best practices to keep health and safety a priority during every photo shoot changes so will our policy. Thank you for your understanding.