If your video isn't good, it's essentially gone. And so is your effort, time and money. Blending passion, entertainment, and inspiration, I'm excited to see what we can create together.

Panasonic PK956, retired since 1993

Founded in 1903 Fullington Auto Bus Co. has a long history of taking care of their customers. My goal was to help create a story showcasing the company's efforts to provide safe and reliable transportation.

Taking the time to ask questions and learn about their business from the President & CEO, VP of Business Development and the Marketing Director helped me create a personalized story within their desired corporate message.

Your health and wellness is more important now than it has ever been. At Fitology Jen Dinallo and her team wake up every morning on a mission to create a happy and healthier community. During these unusual times, Fitology is taking additional actions to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

After learning more about Jen and her mission in life, I took to the drawing board drafting the script and pulling together the storyboard that would soon become the video below.

Cascade Health & Fitness

Meet the Cascade Climber, a vertical climbing trainer that is low-impact and great for high intensity workouts. Under the direction of Pure Design Group I helped create a 10 video series showcasing the product.